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To 이동해, our precious and most beloved Donghae, Happy 27th 26th Birthday!

Last year I also wrote a letter to you, but I didn’t think I put down all of my thoughts into it and I feel like I still have a lot to say to you. 

I couldn’t believe my luck if I remember again a few of those encounters seeing you, I consider myself among the luckiest girls. I had seen you performing on the stage and being charismatic with your dance and delicate singing skills. But to see you outside the stage and walked by next to you then stood behind you, my entire body was shaking and my feet felt like they were about to disappear. I knew you were tired that day but yet still you greeted and smiled to us in the cold of a winter morning. You hid your face behind the shawl later, but I didn’t mind because I saw your beautiful smile and you waved goodbye to us :’3 That day would forever remain in my memory. 

When I look back at the time when I first got to know about you, you were looking a bit different, now a young man maturing more as time passes by. I watched your predebut videos, and it really is amazing how much you’ve grown since then. Your look may be different; you grew some height and developed muscles, from baby cheeks to a defined jaw line, cute cheeky boy to a fine gorgeous man. But you have always been the same person: a hardworking man who always puts out everything in pursuing his dreams, never gives up while still be the humble and kind person you are, who inspires the people around you. You are really, really amazing.

There were times when I would feel down and wanted to give up everything, when the wheel of life doesn’t always roll the way you expect it to be. Then I was reminded of you. Of your efforts and never ending smiles, and I could pick up myself again and continue forward. You are truly an inspiration and I will always look up to you. You once said that you wanted to be an actor and look at where you are standing right now :’3 Congratulations for all the accomplishments you have gained, you truly deserve every each and one of them.

You are also a strong person. I couldn’t imagine how hard it is for you without your father on your side to support you. I can’t imagine losing the person I treasure most in my life, and so it hurts my heart just to think about it. I am worried about you. I worry a lot about you, whether you are feeling lonely, if you are eating properly, and whether you are pushing yourself so far you forget about everything else but anything that lies in front of you.  I pray everyday that you are doing well and healthy, and always be happy. Your smile makes me smile, your tears make me cry. I don’t want to see you cry because I can’t stand seeing you sad and the fact that I can’t do anything about it..

I always believe good things and happiness will come to people who work hard for it, and you certainly have the rights to be showered with them. Your father who could not be with you here right now would still be watching you and he must be very proud of you, his son has become a great man. You are a great man Donghae, for your family and your friends, a great idol for your fans, and always a great son for your father.

I have so much to say more but I don’t want this to be excessive. You are now turning twenty seven and yet still you are the 5 year old kid at heart, our most precious baby Donghae. Never forget that you are the most handsome person (if people don’t agree, at least for me you are, okay?). And I have never said this before, but each time I see you put on your smile, I think I’m a little in love. ..No, I’m really in love with you. You the person who I never talk with and always see from afar, yet still you hold the most special place inside my heart.

Always be healthy and keep smiling, because it’s the Donghae we know and we love. Always know that we are always here with you, supporting you at anytimes, do not doubt on that. All the best luck on everything and may today be full with joy. Happy birthday, Donghae ♥

p.s let me see a selca of you getting caked from the boys hehe

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